• Big Unions Exploit Environmental Laws To Hold California Companies Hostage

    It’s a story that repeats itself all-too-often in California: A company wants to move to an area, create factories, create jobs… but unions insist on being given full control over how to organize and run the show.

    When the company doesn’t play along, the unions file environmental lawsuits to halt the planned development: The unions don’t actually care about the environment – but California law requires that all construction and development halt completely if an environmental impact lawsuit is filed until the lawsuit can be assessed.

    In other words, regardless of whether or not the lawsuit has any weight, it can STILL stop progress. It’s a favorite stalling tactic of unions.

    The most recent victim of big union strong-arming is Japanese company Kinkisharyo International. The company assembles light rail cars in Palmdale, CA. They were originally vying to move the entire manufacturing process from Japan to the Los Angeles suburb.

    This would have not only led to hundreds of job openings; it would have meant millions of dollars for the local economy. Given the great California exodus of major corporations, business propositions such as Kinkisharyo International’s are extremely valuable.

    The Japanese company was not opposed to the idea of unionizing. During negotiations, however, Kinkisharyo informed International Brotherhood Workers Union Local 11 that an employee election would be held. By law, companies have this right.

    It was after this that a law firm connected with the union filed legal challenges against Kinkisharyo under California’s overreaching environmental protection laws.

    After weeks of bureaucratic and legal drama, the company decided against their move to California.

    “We offer good salaries and good benefits, and we’ve never had a labor issue,” Donald Boss, Kinkisharyo’s GM of program management, told The LA Times. “If our employees want to organize, they can. But we aren’t going to organize for them.”

    It’s only a matter of years before part of the west coast morphs into a very large version of Detroit.

    Christine Johnston

    Christine Johnston is a Millennial talk radio, news, and TV producer based out of Dallas, Texas. She has a history rich in media and entrepreneurialism. Since 2003, Christine has been in both local and national media and politics, on both sides of the mic and camera.

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