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  • Black Pastor Forced Into Hiding For Supporting GOP Candidate

    A black Chicago pastor was recently forced into hiding for endorsing Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor in Illinois.

    Rev. Corey Brooks, pastor of the New Beginnings Church of Chicago located on the South Side, has taken his family to an undisclosed location after receiving death threats through voice mail and social media.

    Brooks’ church was also recently burglarized. About $8,000, money collected for a new community center for the church, was stolen from a collection box.

    With a week to go until the midterm elections, the real voter intimidation is against black conservatives.

    This example of intimidation goes well beyond the verbal name calling of black conservatives and it’s an amazing example of hypocrisy. Could you imagine if this was happening to a minister that was supporting a Democrat.

    This sends a message to black individuals that these intimidation tactics can happen to them if they back conservative principles and politicians.


    Deneen Borelli

    Deneen Borrelli is the author of Blacklash and is a Fox News Contributor. Deneen is also FreedomWorks' Director of Outreach.

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