• Breitbart Covers “Crapitalism”

    A couple of days ago Barack Obama attended a fundraiser full of liberal billionaires where he bashed billionaire Republicans. And the name of the liberal who owns the house where Obama gave his hypocritical speech: Rich Richmond. 

    Odd as it may seem, “That’s the state of liberalism in the Obama era: the President gets paid by some billionaires to say mean things about other billionaires,” writes Breitbart’s John Hayward.

    “There’s no better resource for understanding the dimensions of the problem than Jason Mattera’s new book ‘Crapitalism,’ which runs through the entire roll-call of big-ticket cronies.”

    And Hayward says he “thought the chapter on Tom Steyer was particularly illuminating, for anyone who thinks the man who bought the Democrat Party for cash on the barrelhead is motivated entirely by an altruistic, if perhaps misguided, devotion to the environment. No, he has big financial interests that benefit handsomely from the use of government power to beat the cheese out of his competitors, just like all the rest of them.”

    CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, is available everywhere books are sold.

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