• Jason Mattera Exposes Crony Crapitalist, Tesla CEO Elon Musk

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a big, huge crony Crapitalist.

    And “if there’s a single, major criticism of Elon Musk,” writes Business Insider’s Matthew Debord, “it’s that he presents himself as a hero of capitalism while investing in and running companies — Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity — that wouldn’t exist without government funding and support.”

    Elon Musk wants the American taxpayer to be apart of “his business investment, whether we want to or not,” Mattera said on Fox News.

    And Musk is open and unashamed of his dependence on your hard earned money.

    Musk “warned Tesla investors in an SEC filing that its DOE guarantees represented a meaningful business risk, Debord wrote.  “‘We are dependent upon our ability to fully draw down on our loan facility from the United States Department of Energy, which may restrict our ability to conduct our business,’ the company said in early 2010.”

    And for Musk it doesn’t stop with Tesla.

    “As for SpaceX — Musk has never pretended that there would be a SpaceX without NASA. The space agency is by far the fledgling private space company’s most important customer,” Debord  continued. “Mattera focuses on the fact that Tesla can sell zero emission credits in California to automakers who don’t produce enough zero-emission vehicles to satisfy the state’s requirements. And of course SolarCity customers can claim tax credits when they use the company to provide solar panels. This mitigates some of the cost of installing the technology.”

    There are, of course, more crony Crapitalists. And Jason Mattera has dug deep into some of the most egregious bad actors in his new blockbuster book “Crapitalism: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars.”

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