• CDC Called Out: Can We Worry About America First Before Protecting “Fledgling Democracies”?

    A great line of questioning here from Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA), who pressed CDC Director Tom Frieden today on his failure to explain why imposing a travel ban wouldn’t be an effective step in limiting the possibility of a mass Ebola outbreak in America. Is it because this government is more interested in global health care outreach than actually protecting us?

    Frieden was asked specifically about a comment he made in which he stated, “Cutting commercial ties would hurt these fledgling democracies.”

    Is this your opinion or does someone also advise you, someone within the administration … where did this opinion come from that that’s of high importance?” asked Murphy.

    My recollection of that conversation is that that discussion was in the context of our ability to stop the epidemic at the source,” explained Dr. Frieden.

    Murphy made the point that not only are we failing to impose restrictions on people coming over here, but we’re also failing to quarantine the high-risk individuals when they get here. In other words, it’s a typical Obama administration cluster****.

    The best solutions, in this case, seem like the most obvious ones. And to date, the explanations for not pursuing them have been completely nonsensical. I’m pretty sure that’s why Bill O’Reilly wants Frieden fired.

    BONUS – A slightly entertaining exchange here between Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and the CDC, after there was a bit of confusion over whose “porous border” Dr. Frieden made reference to:

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