• Chickensh*tGate Update: Team Obama Still Doesn’t Care

    Earlier in the week, we shared with you some excerpts from Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece in The Atlantic about a mysterious figure among the higher ranks of the Obama administration who called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickensh*t.” But in the irony of chickensh*t ironies, he didn’t identify himself (assuming it’s not a “herself”).

    You’d think this sort of report would play extremely poorly coming out only days before an election in which Democrats are already expected to have their derrieres handed to them. But in typical Obama administration fashion, they don’t care. Furthermore, the White House and State Department have both announced that they have no plans to investigate who made the offensive comment about Bibi and our closest ally, Israel.

    There are anonymous comments like this that are shared with reporters like yourself on a pretty regular basis,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “What we have found to be the most effective tactic is to help all of you understand the proper context for those comments.”

    Apparently, “proper context for those comments” doesn’t involve actually identifying the person who spoke them. Earnest said that there isn’t any effort underway to do so — which  implies to me that they already know who said it, and they’re not telling. Taken one step further, it’s quite possible that they even put the quote out there on purpose to send some sort of warped message to the Prime Minister. Accident or not, I speculated in my previous post that it was Secretary of State John Kerry, and given what his spokeswoman said yesterday, I’m beginning to think I’m right (that is, if it wasn’t Obama himself):

    There are anonymous sources in all of your stories every single day,” insisted Jen Psaki when asked if the source of the profane comment would be looked into. “If we spent all of our time focused on that effort, we wouldn’t be working on diplomacy.”

    Eh, don’t get your red locks in a bunch there, Psaki. You guys aren’t doing so well when it comes to diplomacy…and the anonymous quote just happens to be a perfect example of that.

    What’s perhaps most infuriating about the revelations in Goldberg’s article is the mere fact that the administration views Netanyahu as the foreign leader they’re most frustrated with. Not Vladimir Putin, not Raul Castro, not Kim Jong Un, not Hassan Rouhani…but Benjamin Netanyahu. That in itself should tell you something.

    At any rate, here’s Bibi’s fairly awesome response:

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