• Is Congressman Jim McDermott Auditioning for “Kill Bill, Vol. 3”?

    Time for your daily dose of…What the Hell?

    You’re looking at a Vine, courtesy of Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA). We’ve always known Jim was a little cuckoo. After all, the last time we heard from him, he was busy cracking himself up by purposely and repeatedly mispronouncing The Koch Brothers’ name as “The Cock Brothers.” But little did we know how weird Old McDermott gets during his private time. Or is it on taxpayer time? I can’t even tell anymore.

    Anyhow, thanks are in order to The Washington Post for explaining what we’re actually seeing here. Without their report, I’d still be scratching my head and wondering if there’s some Japanese fighting fetish that I’m unaware of. Here’s the lowdown:

    The inspiration for the outfit came not from Quentin Tarantino, but from Bruce Lee, who wore a similar jumpsuit in his last film, “Game of Death.” The Wing Museum loaned the costume to McDermott, who filmed the Vine at his Seattle office. He and the museum came up with the Vine idea together.

    “The Congressman is a Bruce Lee fan,” writes Jack D’Annibale, McDermott’s spokesperson in an email, “and a deep, longtime supporter of the Wing Luke Museum and the Vine felt like a fun way to publicize the exhibit.”

    While I appreciate that Bruce Lee may have worn this outfit, I’m sorry, but there’s simply no question that McDermott looks like he’s fantasizing about being Uma Thurman.


    No matter what the “real” story is here, Congressman J-Mack (sure, let’s call him that) still has monkey brains. And there’s no way he fit into a suit worn by either Bruce Lee OR Uma Thurman.

    But I’d bet good money that he wore it to bed afterwards.


    Matt Fox

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