• Here Are Your RULES for PATRIOTS

    Have you sat back and frustratingly observed the left dominate music, Hollywood, academia, news media—damn near all aspects of American culture? You ever get tired of furiously yelling at the news on TV?

    Conservatives constantly acknowledge the liberal takeover but have yet to effectively do anything about it. But how can conservatives break through? How do we change things?

    So many think there is nothing for the average person to do. The Progressives movement has its playbook, Saul Alinsky’s infamous Rules for Radicals, which serves as a practical guide to implement leftism. Finally, conservatives have their own playbook. Endorsed by a who’s who of the conservative movement, Daily Surge presents Steven Deace’s new book, Rules for Patriots.

    This book has mapped out a complete battle plan for those who are ready to fight smart in the political realm for this country’s return to the principles on which it was founded: freedom, individual accountability and responsibility, and a free market system.

    “There have been a lot of great books out there about why the Left’s beliefs are flawed, written by guys smarter than me, but the one thing our movement doesn’t have a lot of is –how do we actually do what we believe,” Deace told Daily Surge. “What does that look like?”

    A nationally syndicated talk show host and rising star in conservatism, Deace wrote Rules for Patriots in order to clearly spell out solid steps of what the individual can do to help restore our culture and rescue the nation from leftist dominion.

    The conservative movement has as much power as the left, but it lacks influence, for two reasons, Deace argues. First, conservatives need to continue to develop their own alternative platforms.

    “This notion that people just show up as liberal Democrats able to emotionally communicate effectively—no—the left trains their people, they help them to understand how to do what they believe, and we need to start doing the same thing,“ Deace explained. “Everybody that comes off that assembly line knows it’s your job to defend these principles because we are the platform that gave birth to you. That’s what the other side has—that’s what we don’t have—that’s what we have to develop. “

    He claims that conservatives are too “personality driven” and need to be more “platform driven” to the extent that personalities almost become irrelevant.

    “It’s great to give money to conservative candidates and get them elected, but if you create platforms that impact culture than you create twenty Ted Cruzs and won’t have to rely on one Ted Cruz all the time,” he said. “That is what the other side has done, they have created infrastructure, so that if one of their guys goes rogue or one has a moral or ethical failing they have got an assembly line of similarly afflicted leftists ready to take over—we don’t have that.”

    Second, conservatives need to be equipped with an understanding of how to take advantage of media platforms and how to get their message out in order to penetrate culture and “breakthrough”. Most conservatives, Deace says, are horribly ineffective communicators who don’t understand new media and the new media environment and as a movement need to cultivate and train people to do exactly that.

    “You are never going to overcome the media spin if your guys won’t use the media platform to their advantage when they have access to it,” he said. “For example, during the last presidential election Benghazi was brought up not once but twice during two presidential debates and in front of one hundred million people Mitt Romney punted both times.”

    “We need people who can essentially, on twitter, stand up in a debate when you have got virtually ninety seconds, who are able to evangelize our belief system and win hearts and minds,” he said. “The other side does that extremely well.”

    The book has an impressive set of endorsements from conservative leaders who claim Rules for Patriots fills a major void in the conservative movement and sets a practical precedence for how to frame arguments and advance conservative principles.

    “About 95 percent of the reader reviews mirror the same sort of feedback, which is finally somebody wrote this book which helps me figure out how we can win and what does winning actually looks like,” Deace said.

    David Limbaugh explains in his forward for Rule for Patriots that people from all over the country tell him how inspired they are by his books, then ask him what they should do express their new found patriotism. He tells them go home and stand up for what you believe in. They ask him, “Well How do I do that.” He says, “Well I don’t know but go anyway.” Limbaugh is glad that somebody actually wrote a book about how to actually do that.

    Deace hopes readers will abandon blind partisanship after reading his book and become empowered with a solid basis for why they are conservatives and why they have reverence for American exceptionalism.

    “There are no good arguments for what the other side believes,” he said. “They have to resort to political correctness and name calling because they can’t stand up to critical thinking, but we have to understand how to critically think ourselves and how to ask the right questions and frame the right arguments so that we can expose that to people. “

    “If you show people what truth is, and you cast it up against lies and fabrication, people will choose truth, and the left believes that too, that’s why they created political correctness so they didn’t have to risk losing arguments to conservatives.”

    Deace said it seems like Ted Cruz is following his advice.

    “I watch what Ted Cruz does and it is like watching someone go right down the line of my ten commandments of political warfare verbatim,” Deace said. “He never accepts the premise of the opponents argument, he always turns their premise against them, he never gives up the moral high ground in what he presents and he doesn’t trust the Republican Party.”

    In order for a Republican candidate to win the presidential election in 2016 Deace believes a conservative candidate must defeat the Republican “corporatists” establishment in the national primary.

    “We have got to coalesce early in the process behind someone that represents a comprehensive conservative view so he can unite our various factions for 2016,” he said. “Cruz is certainly on that list, Bobby Jindal excites people on both sides. Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee excite people on one side of that list, but they need to work on branching out to the other side.”

    Imagine the music and movie industry run by conservatives, or most of your college professors actually having good things to say about the USA, or witnessing actual fair and balanced news coverage of a Republican presidency by the mainstream media? Such an America may seem laughable now, but Rules for Patriots lays out the blue print for the cultural victory.


    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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