• The Flying Car is About to Land…This Month!

    Great Scott!

    This is heavy. Ever since 1989’s Back to the Future Part II promised us that we’d see flying cars by the year 2015, many of us sci-fi nerds have convinced ourselves that it simply had to happen on schedule.


    Well, they couldn’t have possibly cut it any closer, but guess what? The flying car is finally here. Set to be unveiled on October 29th at Vienna’s Pioneers Festival, “The Flying Roadster” has been created by a Slovakian company called AeroMobil, and it promises to be “the world’s most advanced flying car.” Here’s the first look at this badass ride:


    You may recall the American company Terrafugia announced earlier this year that it was roughly two years away from finishing its “Roadable Aircraft,” but it would appear that Slovakia has beaten the U.S. to the punch. And this one looks far sweeter. Almost Batmobile-esque…with wings, of course.

    From The Guardian:

    Weighing 450 kg, with carbon-fibre wings that fold behind the cabin and a flight top speed of 124mph, the two-seater promises to be more of a flying sports car than a flying family car.

    “We want to make personal transportation exciting, more efficient and sustainable. With ever more cars on the roads and ever more crowded airports, travelling is no longer what it used to be,” said AeroMobil’s CTO Stefan Klein, who has been working on developing a flying car for two decades.

    Now it’s time for all of the fun philosophical questions, such as, “If it flies, is it really a car?” And, “If it’s driven on the street, is it really no longer a plane?” Yeah, my head is spinning already.

    And unfortunately, one of the other cautionary lessons from Back to the Future Part II is that traffic in the sky is likely to eventually suck just as bad as it does on the street. But I guess there’s always outer space to look forward to.

    Matt Fox

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