• Geraldo Rivera Attempts to Save Kobani…With Yet Another Topless Selfie

    He's "At Large"

    If you seriously believed Geraldo back when he promised he was all done with topless selfies, then you’re a real sucker. Fool me once…well, you know the rest. It was Memorial Day of this year when Danger Man decided to honor our troops with his bare chest. That, of course, was the follow-up selfie to his most famous internet snafu involving a strategically-placed towel that may have cost some Twitter users their eyesight. We never did find out whether or not the towel later committed suicide.

    Well, Jerry Rivers was back at it again this weekend, tweeting out a third image of his bod in the buff. As for the reason why, that’s anyone’s guess. “Kobani is the real Benghazi,” Geraldo tweeted. “…the besieged fortress where president really can & must save heroic defenders.” Got it, Rivera. So, we’re fighting ISIS with…male nipples and mustaches now?

    Why this 71-year old continues to do this is anyone’s guess, but the man is obviously proud of his physique. Geraldo is really giving Anthony Weiner a run for his money…but I guess that’s what living on the edge is all about. He is a “danger addict,” you know.

    Geraldo 2



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