• Giant Squid Attacks Greenpeace Submarine

    Greenpeace activists cruising around the Bering Sea were surprised when they saw a rare sight: a giant squid!

    Activists were even more shocked when the squid squirted their submarine with ink and then launched a tentacle attack.

    The crew reportedly pointed lights at the squid to scare it away, but the fierce creature continued to thrash at them with its tentacles. The squid eventually got away unharmed and the submarine was undamaged.

    Greenpeace said, “It’s a squid attacking a submarine during a #BeringSea expedition with @GreenpeaceUSA!”

    Giant squids are an extremely rare sight and little is known about them. The marine species reportedly lives about a kilometer under the water. When they’re not attacking submarines, giant squids also attack sperm whales.

    The most iconic portrayal of a giant squid battle comes from the 19th century science fiction novel “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” by Jules Verne. In the book, a giant squid attacks the Nautilus, a submarine under the command of Captain Nemo (not to be confused with the clown fish from that Disney movie).

    CTV News notes: “Most scientific knowledge of the creatures comes from analyzing dead specimens that wash up on ocean beaches from time to time. Scientists have recovered specimens measuring up to 15 metres in length from the end of the tentacles to the top of the head.”

    Oddly enough, the giant squid attack happened a couple days after Greenpeace celebrated  Octopus Awareness Day. It’s unknown whether the squid was jealous about not having its own awareness day.


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