• Liberal Fox News Contributor: Obama Surrounds Himself With “Kool-Aid Drinkers” And Suck-Ups

    In reaction to a report that claims an Obama White House staffer called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “chickenshit,” liberal columnist and Fox News contributor said Obama is surrounded by a bunch of yes men.

    “I think the president tends to surround himself with people who suck up to him,” Powers said. “He claimed to have this idea that he was going to like Lincoln and surround himself with who would be disagreeing with each other. “But,” in reality,”He just has a bunch of kook-aid drinkers who think everything he does is right.”

    The timing of Powers’ comment are interesting because House Speaker John Boehner just called on Obama to clean house.

    “The president sets the tone for his administration. He either condones the profanity and disrespect used by the most senior members of his administration, or he does not,” Boehner said. “It is time for him to get his house in order and tell the people that can’t muster professionalism that it is time to move on.”

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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