• Liberals Slam The Denver Post’s ‘Most Asinine Endorsement’ Of The Year

    The Denver Post is taking hits from the left for its endorsement of Colorado Republican Rep. Cory Gardner to replace Democratic Sen. Mark Udall.

    Late Friday, the Post concluded Congress will accomplish “little to nothing” without a shake up.

    Udall — who has fallen behind Gardner in the most recent Fox News poll — ran an “obnoxious one-issue campaign” that focused on Gardner’s support of personhood legislation, the paper wrote.

    “Rather than run on his record, Udall’s campaign has devoted a shocking amount of energy and money trying to convince voters that Gardner seeks to outlaw birth control despite the congressman’s call for over-the-counter sales of contraceptives,” the paper wrote. “Udall is trying to frighten voters rather than inspire them with a hopeful vision.”

    While emphasizing that the paper differs with Gardner on some issues, the Post gave him marks for being a leader who can be expected to be at the center of important issues, comparing him to Colorado’s other senator, Democrat Michael Bennet.

    “Gardner has sound ideas on tax reform that could help the economy take off and has expressed willingness to compromise on immigration despite a fairly hard line over the years,” the paper wrote. “And his stance on defense spending appears closer to those of Rep. Mike Coffman, who favors restraint, than to those in the GOP who view the military as sacrosanct.”

    The endorsement caught more than a few people by surprise, with Salon calling it the “most asinine endorsement” of the year.

    “The notion that this right-wing congressman could help usher in a new era of bipartisan goodwill and policy innovation seems far-fetched, but the Post begs to differ,” Luke Brinker writes, noting that “the editors speculate that a unified GOP Congress, together with President Obama, could actually be more productive than one-party government would be. Try not to think too much about the past four years, lest you disabuse yourself of this comforting thought.”

    The endorsement fallout wasn’t the only major political news. In the tight race for governor, Republican challenger Bob Beauprez threw a new policy twist into the ring, arguing during a debate last week that it’s time for Colorado to consider repealing its constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana.

    “I think we’re at that point,” he said, noting he opposed the law from the beginning. In the past, Beauprez has said he would respect the law and not work to overturn it.

    In comments that the Colorado Independent said seemed unscripted, Beauprez said Coloradans ““didn’t fully think through the consequences of the liberty they were seeking.”

    Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper — who just last week had to explain away his assertion recently that voters were “reckless” in legalizing pot — said the law should stand.

    “I’m not going to go as far as to say we should lead an effort to make it illegal,” Hickenlooper said. “I think that that would be premature.”

    Coloradans prepare to begin voting by mail this week.

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