• The Longest Con Ever: Meet the Man Who Faked a Coma for Two Years to Avoid Court

    Say what you want about this dude, but you kind of have to admire his stick-to-itiveness. Alan Knight from Sketty in Swansea — which sounds like the name of a 70’s movie — defrauded his own elderly neighbor out of a whopping £41,000…but it’s what happened afterwards that’s the real bizarre part. It sounds like something out of the show Arrested Development, but this did indeed happen.

    The neighbor, Ivan Richards, had dementia, and Mr. Knight decided to help himself to the old man’s fortune. While supposedly caring for the senior citizen, Knight systematically drained Ivan’s bank accounts, stole money from his stock shares, and used the dough to fund his own vacations. He even wrote a fake will on behalf of Mr. Richards which claimed to bequeath his entire belongs to — guess who? — Alan Knight.

    But once he got busted, Knight came up with an even better con to avoid jail time: fake a coma!

    From RT:

    Over the course of two years, the conman avoided court by claiming he suffered from debilitating illnesses including quadriplegia, seizures and slipping into comas. He was living on benefits, which he claimed following a supposedly crippling neck injury.

    Officers tried to take him to court “at least twice,” but each time he avoided prosecution by claiming that his condition had worsened.

    “He has wasted thousands of pounds of NHS money going to places like Singleton and Morriston Hospitals,” to undergo testing for his apparent conditions, only to leave without diagnosis, DC Harry said.

    Knight’s wife, Helen, aided her husband’s fraudulent behavior by posing in photographs showing her caring for her apparently comatose husband.

    Alright, I guess I’ll take back that comment I made about admiring Alan’s stick-to-itiveness. The truth is that he’s really a Grade A scumbag. I hope he had a good time playing dress-up, because he’s got a world of trouble ahead of him now.

    There are aspects to this case which in my experience are unique, and it seems a strong message needs to be sent out to anyone who seeks to adopt the same tactics in future,” the court’s Judge Thomas said.

    Perhaps Alan can attempt his fake coma strategy again once he’s in the slammer to try and get fellow criminals to leave him alone. Something tells me it probably won’t work in there either.

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