• Mark Levin Calls For Senate To Investigate Assault On Jason Mattera By Harry Reid’s Bodyguard

    Conservative radio host Mark Levin is calling for a U.S. Senator to investigate Senator Harry Reid’s bodyguard’s violent attack on CRAPITALISM author and journalist Jason Mattera.

    “Let’s be blunt,” Levin said, while interviewing Mattera on his show Thursday evening. “You were assaulted.”

    “I just think the fact that Harry Reid’s guy assaulted you, and he clearly did on video for asking a question, that some Republican in the Senate ought to speak out and file an ethics complaint. That is just so outrageous.” (5:55 marker in above video)

    Indeed, Jason can be seen on camera calmly asking Senator Reid how he has accumulated so much wealth.  With a net worth as high as $6.7 million — and living arrangements that include permanent accommodations at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. — Mattera believes taxpayers deserve answers about how Senator Reid made all his earnings while living on a government salary.

    But Reid ignored Jason’s questions.

    Seconds later, one of Harry Reid’s bodyguards is seen pinning Mattera against a wall and shoving him around. After Mattera identified himself as a member of the press and the author of CRAPITALISM, the bodyguard responded, “I don’t care if you’re press or not.”

    The man refused to give Mattera his name.


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