• MSNBC Reveals the Real Cause of Ebola: Anti-Environmentalists

    It’s very much human activities that are driving these diseases to make the jump,” proclaimed so-called epidemiologist Dr. Jon Epstein about Ebola today. During an interview with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, Dr. Epstein explained the “real” cause of this horrible virus that we’ve all been hungering to learn: it’s YOU.

    Or, more specifically, anyone who does things to harm the environment.

    While discussing the link between Ebola and bats, Dr. Epstein cited things like deforestation and hunting as two of the main factors — though I wasn’t aware that hunting bats was a thing. His main point is that anything we do to bring us into closer contact with wild animals increases the likelihood of diseases like Ebola spreading. But other than publicly shaming hunters and tree-cutters, I’m not quite sure what the good doctor’s practical solution is supposed to be here.

    Ronan Farrow pointed out that poverty is also driving the people of certain areas to consume bushmeat, thus contributing to disease. Isn’t it fascinating how a laundry list of liberal causes just happens to be MSNBC’s remedy for the outbreak? We hear a lot about Republicans politicizing the crisis, but when a so-called “progressive” uses it to promote his or her agenda (like decrying the GOP’s evil budget cuts), there’s unsurprisingly no outrage.

    Up next: Chris Matthews blames Ebola on Ted Cruz’s haircut.

    Matt Fox

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