• President Polaroid is Interested in Photo Ops Again

    Some interesting reportage above, courtesy of CNN, revealing that President Obama and his team are “eager” to get some photo ops out that show Barry hard at work on issues like Ebola and ISIS.

    Apparently, the president is quite proud of himself for having participated in a conference call on the federal holiday of Columbus Day (a rarity), and so he made sure to have a picture taken while he discussed the ongoing Ebola epidemic with his top advisers, as well as the CDC director. Obama is also gearing up for several “strategy sessions” on ISIS — a fight which is turning into a huge disaster — purportedly to show that he is able to take advice from others.

    An interesting tactic for the self-proclaimed “lazy” Commander-in-Chief to take just before a midterm election, no? And it’s made all the more laughable by the fact that it was only about three months ago that Obama said this:

    That’s right; at the height of the crisis on the border this summer, Barack proclaimed, “I’m not interested in photo ops.”

    Well, he sure is now. Things have gotten so bad for this president, as reflected in his almost unbelievably low poll numbers, that he’s been forced to call in photographers to document the fact that he’s actually working! Honestly, though, what other choice does he have? No one would ever believe he’s on the job without the photographic evidence.

    Now, just for fun, since Obama is finally back in the photo op game…

    A look at just a few of Barry’s most memorable snapshots:

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