• Rep. Gerry Connolly: Hey, Let’s Fund Hamas and Champion the Muslim Brotherhood!

    Nostril-damus speaks

    What a jerk-face. Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) isn’t the most popular member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and remarks like these may be part of the reason why. In a recording released to YouTube by Connolly’s GOP opponent, Suzanne Scholte, and reported on by Watchdog.org, the congressman can be heard defending funding for the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that the unity government includes members of the Hamas terror organization.

    I signed a letter signed by Congressman David Price of North Carolina, also signed by Jim [Moran], that said we are not going to defund the Palestinian Authority,” Connolly told the Arab American Candidates Night forum last week. “That would guarantee an explosion in an already volatile situation. When there was a motion to close the Palestinian Authority office here in Washington or let it just be in New York, I opposed it and said it would be a terrible blow to diplomacy and not in U.S. interests, let alone Palestine’s interest.”

    Pretty ballsy stuff right there. It’s amazing that Gerry would feel so comfortable throwing America’s greatest ally, Israel, under the bus during an election year, in order to strangely try and garner support for taxpayer funds going towards Hamas. If anything, more of our funds should be going to Israel, not terrorists.

    Connolly went on to pat himself on the back for opposing the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt:

    I was the only member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who spoke out against the Egyptian military after the coup, because they overthrew a democratically elected government whether we like it or not. Either the United States supports democracy or we don’t. And even though our government may not like the Muslim Brotherhood, I may not like the Muslim Brotherhood, that government did not mow down thousands of their fellow citizens in the streets of Cairo.”

    What in the world is that all about? If anything, Connolly should be slamming Barack Obama for ousting Hosni Mubarak. Instead, he wants to side with the persecutors who took his place?

    Connolly’s foreign policy is a fairly radical one to be putting on display during such a troublesome election year for Democrats. Comments like these may cost him his seat, and I can’t say I know of too many people who would miss the guy.

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

    Fox has history in broadcasting that spans two decades. From his early days as an FM host and club DJ in the mid-90′s to his later experiences in political talk radio, he has always had a knack for combining topical news with his love for popular culture. Those experiences culminated in his position as executive producer for several radio shows featured in the TALKERS Heavy 100. Originally from New York, Fox has made the great pilgrimage down to sunny south Florida.

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