• Unlucky in Kentucky: Dems Dump Lundergan Grimes

    Alison, I know this world is killing you

    If you’re a left-wing Senate candidate running in one of the most closely monitored midterm campaigns in the nation, there’s only so many times you can dodge basic political questions before even the Democratic party will turn on you. Case in point, one Alison Lundergan Grimes. The Kentucky woman has already succeeded in ticking off the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and that’s no small feat.

    After repeatedly refusing to admit that she voted for President Obama — a rather silly question everyone already knows the answer to anyway — Grimes has finally lost the support of numerous key allies who are dropping her faster than the NBA sent Donald Sterling off into the evening sun. It would appear that her goal of unseating Mitch McConnell next month isn’t looking too good at the moment. And given the spanking Democrats are expected to get in the upcoming election, it almost makes you wonder why she picked this year to run in the first place.

    The DSCC announced on Tuesday that it would be pulling its resources from the Grimes campaign…which is generally what happens when your ongoing political struggle devolves into a hot mess like this.

    Asked about that rejection, former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said, “I’m not terribly surprised. We’re at that stage of the campaign when the committees have to make decisions about how to allocate their resources in the final weeks … there are so many difficult races that are more winnable for Democrats than this one.”

    Ouch. So the campaign of Alison Lundergan Grimes — a woman once thought to be among the “next big things” in left-wing politics — has been reduced to “this one” by Axelrod. That’s got to hurt. But it’s to be expected when you’re behaving like a bit of a brat when asked elemental questions. Click here for just a small sampling of the topics Grimes has refused to answer.

    Meanwhile, it’s not just David Axelrod who believes the candidate has “not performed particularly well in the last few weeks.” The panelists over at MSNBC’s The Cycle agreed that she’s insulting the intelligence of Kentucky voters.

    Grimes was also the butt of several jokes during Tuesday’s White House press briefing, after Press Secretary Josh Earnest proclaimed he was proud to have voted for Obama twice. “Do you believe you’ve violated the sanctity of the ballot box by telling us who you voted for?” teased ABC’s Jon Karl:

    Oh snap.

    The Jon Stewarts of the world can laugh at Mitch McConnell all they want…but I’m pretty sure Grimes just handed him his job back.


    Matt Fox

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