• Woman Gouges Her Own Eyes Out, Then Sues the Hospital Who Photographed It

    Not since Oedipus Rex himself have we heard of something so disgusting and literally “eye-opening” as this one.

    Back in 2012 at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, a woman attempted to commit suicide by gouging her own eyes out with pencils. The suicide attempt failed, but the woman is now — as you might expect — completely blind.

    However, it’s what has happened in the time since the unfortunate incident that’s really caused a stir. Apparently, a photograph taken of the episode by a nurse has gone viral on the internet. And even though the blind woman can’t see it, she has decided to sue.

    From Reuters:

    The as-yet unidentified nurse took the photograph of the patient with the “intact pencils sticking out of her eyes,” then shared the unauthorized picture with another person, who passed the image to Joshua Shivers, the lawsuit said.

    Shivers, in turn, used his mother’s computer to post the image to a “shock” website, the suit stated, adding that the photo has since been viewed more than 192,000 times. The specific website to which it was posted was not disclosed.

    “Everybody knows that as soon as someone gets their hands on something like this, it goes viral and the harm is done,” said Douglas, who specializes in privacy cases.

    Pretty disgusting stuff, if you ask me. I don’t know anyone who would want to view that photograph, let alone a nurse with enough guts to actually snap a photo during such a horrendous affair.

    The blind woman has reportedly gotten psychiatric help and learned to read Braille. She has enrolled in college and says her life is getting “back on track.” But it was the spread of that photo online which has put her back into a deep depression…or so her lawsuit claims.

    This one’s for you, girl:


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