• America’s First 18 Year-Old Female Lawmaker May Be Just What We Need

    Man, do I feel like a slacker. When Saira Blair was gearing up to graduate from high school earlier this year at 17-years old, she wasn’t thinking about the prom or summer break. Instead, she was all about running for the West Virginia State Legislature. So, she decided to launch a campaign from her new dorm room, despite the fact that she wasn’t even old enough to vote yet…and the rest is history.

    Blair, a pro-life, pro-gun fiscal conservative accomplished something that’s never been done before. Just after her 18th birthday, she handily defeated 66-year old libertarian Republican Delegate Larry D. Kump, as well as 44-year-old Democrat Layne Diehl, a Martinsburg attorney. Each of Blair’s opponents have congratulated her on the monumental achievement.

    On the heels of her win, Saira will now defer her spring semester at West Virginia University, so that she may participate in the House’s 60-day session. But this hard worker plans to make up the classes come summertime.

    History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus,” Blair said in a statement after her Tuesday victory.

    This breath of fresh air funded her own campaign, rather than relying on money from her parents. “Candidates should have some skin in the game,” she stated. “I wanted voters to know I was serious.”

    And serious she was. Congrats are in order to Saira Blair, not only for becoming the most unlikely lawmaker in the land, but also for inspiring other young people to get involved in an increasingly cynical business called politics. Now let’s see what she can do in West Virginia.

    h/t The Wall Street Journal


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