• In Which Brian Williams Has to Explain That His Reporter Wasn’t Caught Urinating on Live TV

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    As far as the mainstream media goes, Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News is among the better reporters. He is also known for having a wicked sense of humor. But something tells me he still wasn’t too thrilled about having to file this report on Monday evening. Something in the cadence of his voice, in fact, seemed to communicate a form of disgust with social media for blowing an innocent NBC snafu way of out proportion.

    The incident had to do with NBC meteorologist Mike Seidel, who, during a weekend live news shot, appeared to be urinating on Sugar Mountain when the camera cut to him before he was prepared. After a producer not seen on camera shouted at Seidel to turn around, you could tell that he wasn’t ready…so anchor Lester Holt promptly moved on to something else.

    NBC later insisted that the meteorologist had simply been looking for his cell phone…but it was too late, as the Twitterverse was already knee-deep in conspiracy theories and jokes about Mike Seidel creating his own man-made global warming up in the snowy mountains of North Carolina.

    So, Brian Williams came to the rescue and defense of Mike on Monday evening, insisting that the weatherman was owed an apology for the “wild misinformation” people had been circulating about his colleague.

    …Rumors hit the web that he was perhaps writing his name in the snow,” Williams reported. He explained that the unfortunately framed shot was actually the result of an interruption with NBC satellite communications, and that Seidel was busy dialing NBC to try and reconnect for his live segment. So…he wasn’t looking for his cell phone then?

    I don’t know if I’m convinced on this one just yet. Anyone got a Zapruder film to share? Was there a second pisser? The truth is out there.

    Speaking of truth, it can be very freeing, you know:

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