• Congressmen, 2016 Frontrunner Huckabee, Vow War Against Nationalization Of Gay Marriage

    Washington, DC – Ahead of yesterday’s earth-shaking mid-term elections, Gov. Mike Huckabee, frontrunner in the 2016 GOP Presidential primaries, has embraced a vow signed by Capitol Hill figures which could end all U.S. subsidies for abortion, contraceptive mandates, anti-Semitism in the West Bank and Gaza – and derail the nationalization of gay marriage, driven by federal judges and cheered by President Obama.

    Over recent days, “Life, Marriage, Conscience & Israel Vow” voter guides went out to hundreds of thousands of American clerical leaders distributing estimated millions of guides at weekend church and synagogue services ahead of today’s balloting. The overall activity was promoted in millions of communiqués (via snail mail, telephone calls, emails, TV, radio, social media) as well as with no-strings donation offers to boost the charitable work of Jewish and Christian congregations, such as HIV-AIDs ministries or ambulances for Israel. The weekend’s worship gatherings were full of voters who helped determine, in close contests yesterday, GOP control of the U.S. Senate starting next year.

    With that control, never held by Republicans during Obama’s presidency, comes Constitutional authority to remove Obama and federal judges from office. But, courageous Members of Congress are vowing to wield a weapon just as potent: The “Power of the Purse.”

    Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and a Fox News TV host, says on the website for pastors and rabbis, “I’m not running for the House or Senate, but if I were, I’d certainly sign the Vow” – a document pledging against higher National Debt or taxes for as long as the U.S. Government is funding “the evils of abortion, anti-Semitism, religious/ethical conscience violations or same-sex marriage.”

    Huckabee told Newsmax in October, “I don’t think the GOP is going to walk away from the entire body of values voters — but if so, then there would likely be no place for me as a voter or candidate. I wouldn’t be leaving them; they’d be leaving us.”

    Huckabee recently told Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association,”If the Republicans want to lose guys like me, and a whole bunch of still God-fearing, Bible-believing people, go ahead and just abdicate on this issue — and go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter, either. Because at that point, you lose me, I’m gone…. I’ll start finding people that have guts to stand. I’m tired of this,” he said right after the Supreme Court empowered lower courts to impose homosexual marriage on red or swing states like Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin.

    Re-elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, often mentioned as a 2016 Presidential contender, declared then – as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie similarly responded to a state judge’s LGBT marriage decree – that the fight to uphold male-female marriage was “over in Wisconsin.”

    Financed by a consortium, www.Christian-JewishVoterGuides.org lauds prominent pastors, rabbis and conservative leaders like Dr. James Dobson, Brian Brown, Fred Thompson, Huckabee, Ralph Reed, Jim DeMint, Tony Perkins, Marjorie Dannenfelser, James Bopp, David O’Steen, Mike Needham, Charles Koch, Matt Kibbe, Chris Chocola, Craig Bergman, Chuck Hurley, David Brog, John Eastman, Matt Franck, Brandon Vallorani, Alan Sears, Raymond Ruddy, Mat Staver and others. Also pushing to end all U.S. subsidies for abortion, anti-Semitism and same-sex marriage is Liberty Alliance, one of the nation’s top conservative news and commentary publishers, with more traffic than Newsmax, WND.com or similar competitors.

    Huckabee is polling at about double his nearest 2016 rival for the Iowa Caucuses, the nation’s first White House contest and a battleground he won in his 2008 Presidential try. In national polling aggregates at RealClearPolitics.com, Huckabee has essentially been tied for first place during all of 2014. The Vow site features an impassioned June speech he delivered in front of the U.S. Capitol, rejecting judge-decreed gay marriage and submissive Congressional financing of “judicial supremacy.”

    Ahead of the elections, Huckabee said, “I’m utterly exasperated with Republicans and the so-called leadership of the Republicans who have abdicated on this issue, when if they continue this direction they guarantee they’re going to lose every election in the future. Guarantee it — and I don’t understand why they want to lose. A lot of Republicans, particularly in the establishment and those who live on the either ‘left coast’ or those who live up in the bubbles of New York and Washington, are convinced that if we don’t capitulate on the same-sex marriage issue and if we don’t raise the white flag of surrender and just accept the inevitable, then we’re going to be losers. It is the absolute opposite of that,” he said.

    Also displayed at the Vow site is a 2013 letter from Gov. Huckabee to House Speaker John Boehner, sent on the eve of the Supreme Courts’ opinion in United States v. Windsor – a ruling in which the Third Branch of the government directed the First Branch to begin subsidizing same-sex marriage from the U.S. Treasury against Congressional “one-man, one-woman” marriage policy, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) signed into law by President Clinton.

    Anticipating that ruling and a possible Roe v. Wade of same-sex marriage, Huckabee’s letter to Boehner said: “Especially this week and in the coming days, I urge you and your House Majority to assert and defend your Article One purse power and credit authority of Congress with ALL YOUR MIGHT. SCOTUS [the Supreme Court] has neither Constitutional right nor power to compel Congress to appropriate a single dime for same sex marriage benefits – just as Congress has no obligation to keep debt-financing Planned Parenthood subsidies. Nor can SCOTUS compel Congress to start debt-financing iron-fist federal enforcement of an invisible and non-existent right to nullify 37 state constitutions or statutes upholding Natural Law and One-Man, One Woman Marriage.”

    Huckabee wrote, “SCOTUS may opine all it wants that it’s unfair that homosexuality, polygamy, or transgenderism are not favored by U.S. public policy or DOMA in the way that One-Man, One-Woman marriage is favored, but it cannot compel Congress to debt-finance LGBT or any other kind of marital benefits. The Court can opine, but Congress can decline…to fund it.”

    The Vow text which Huckabee and Congressmen have embraced says, “As a matter of personal conscience, ethical, moral or religious conviction, I do hereby solemnly vow to vote against (or to decline to vote for) any and all increases to, or suspensions of, the U.S. National Debt limit, and against any and all revenue-positive tax measures, until the termination of all federal expenditures for the subsidization, support, imposition or U.S. enforcement of such evils as…. Federal Subversion of Marriage: The defining of polygamy, polyandry or same-sex union as “marriage” pursuant to any judicial decree, settlement or governmental measure affecting any of the 47 States which have not, as of 2014, authorized such definition by constitutional popular vote of the People in a binding Statewide initiative, referendum or plebiscite.”

    The Vow also rules-out subsidies for abortion, mandatory contraceptives or abortion pills, and “Foreign aid to UNRWA, the United Nations agency in the Palestinian territories, until such time as it ceases enabling teaching, to otherwise innocent Muslim children in the West Bank and Gaza: Islamist jihad, violent anti-Semitic or anti-Christian views, anti-Jewish propaganda, terrorism, genocide or advocacy for the annihilation of the State of Israel, the United States of America and their people.”

    Last weekend’s voter guides distributed to rabbis, pastors and their congregants nationwide, shows where Capitol Hill candidates, including Senators without contests until 2016 or 2018, stand on the text of “The Life, Marriage, Conscience & Israel Vow.” Supportive “YES’s” include Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci (R-16), South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R- 02), and Kentucky Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY 01). Notable “NOs,” include prominent pols from the same delegations, including Boehner (R-OH 08), Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC 01), and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul, both of Kentucky.

    Alongside House Democrat leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Democrat Senate colleague Al Franken (MN) and openly gay 2014 GOP House candidates Carl DiMaio and Richard Tisei, a surprising Vow voter guide “NO” is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who a year ago vainly tried to get House Leaders Boehner and Rep. Eric Cantor to wield Congressional “purse power” to defund Obamacare.

    Opposed by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Family Research Council, Focus on the Family and hundreds of pastors and clerical leaders, it appears DiMaio, Tisei and Oregon GOP/LGBT Senate nominee Monica Wehby were all defeated yesterday – DiMaio, an accused homosexual harasser, by a few hundred votes. “Marriage won an overwhelming victory last night,” said Brian Brown, president of NOM. “In red states and blue, candidates who supported marriage as the union of one man and one woman won election and those who didn’t were rejected by voters. The Republican Party should take note that their nominees who favored gay ‘marriage’ were opposed by NOM and they were resoundingly defeated.”

    A beneficiary of donors supporting the Vow and Christian-JewishVoterGuides.org, NOM spent on television advertisements and mailers supporting successful US Senate candidates Thom Tillis (NC) and Tom Cotton (AR). NOM also mounted extensive grassroots efforts in support of newly-elected Senators Joni Ernst (IA) and Ben Sasse (NE), in addition to Governor Sam Brownback (KS) and Senator Pat Roberts (KS).

    A similar beneficiary, Ralph Reed, today announced survey results showing that white evangelicals made up nearly a quarter of voters, and that conservative Christians mostly backed GOP candidates. The survey was by Public Opinion Strategies and Reed’s Faith & Freedom Coalition, whose voter guides were among those distributed via the Vow site. Conducted Tuesday and surveying 800 voters, the margin of error is plus-or-minus 3.46 points.

    Reed, the founder of the Christian Coalition and tainted by Washington’s Jack Abramoff – casino gambling scandal, was a consultant to the Boy Scouts of America as that organization was deciding to allow homosexual Scouts or Scoutmasters. Today, he said that when questions on moral issues inevitably come up, “you better be able to plant your feet, look right into the camera, and be able to explain from the heart, with total clarity, why you believe what you believe.”

    Brown said, “It’s time for the GOP elite and consultant class to wake up and realize that marriage is a winning issue, in red states and blue. Traditional marriage amendments have received 50 million votes across America, and candidates who embraced marriage this election won, while Republicans who rejected marriage were themselves rejected. The election results tonight were a stunning rebuke of those who wish to redefine marriage. We look forward to working with Congress to advance the cause of marriage.”

    But, with leading GOP judicial supremacists (eg, Boehner, McConnell, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul) willing to subsidize homosexuality and the Obama Administration’s enforcement of judge-ordered LGBT wedlock against “Straight States” like Texas, Kentucky and Ohio, Brown has an uphill fight.

    The Vow website, which shows TV ads consortium allies ran in Cantor’s district ahead of his stunning 2014 primary defeat, notes that Cruz “says he opposes homosexual ‘marriage,’ yet [he] is chief sponsor of a bill which surrenders to, accepts, ratifies and codifies into federal statute the U.S. Supreme Court’s Windsor decree against DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) – ensuring permanent U.S. subsidies for LGBT ‘wedlock’ in any or all of the 47 ‘Straight States’ where it has been imposed against the will of the People; in only three states – MD, ME, WA – have the People themselves voted to sacralize homosexuality and end the public policy of hetero-monogamy.”

    In October, 2014, judge-decreed nationalization of LGBT wedlock began in earnest as the High Court allowed U.S. appellate courts to ravage North Carolina, South Carolina, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Alaska, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Kansas, Idaho, Nevada and Montana – just as they did to California; all of these “Straight States” had rejected homosexual “marriage” but, the Vow site says, “SCOTUS forced a shotgun wedding, and Congress is funding it.”

    Christian-JewishVoterGuides.org continues, “The Cruz bill (S.2024) simply assumes, according to its text, that SCOTUS “striking down section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act” means Congress must subsidize sodomatrimony – because the First Branch bows to any absurd or anti-Constitutional decree of the Third Branch? – although the U.S. Senate and House have Constitutional ‘purse power’ to deny LGBT subsidies plus all funds for enforcement of same-sex unions against the 47 ‘Straight States.’ Sen. Cruz’s bill seems to signal exactly how a President Cruz would submit to other Supreme Court outrages: Obediently.”

    The pastor-rabbi website continues, “Impending is the rape of Texas and all 50 states – and the 10th Amendment – by the LGBTotalitarians of SCOTUS and POTUS, 100% financed by Congress – including by smart GOP judicial supremacists like Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. It seems they and their LGBT-owned Hill colleagues – any and all permanent “NOs” on the Vow – are perfectly content to fund Administration enforcement of absolutely any evil decreed by judges. That’s lawless judicial supremacy. That’s idolatry.”

    One seasoned Capitol Hill veteran behind the effort said, “It’s not the Vow that’s radical. What’s radical is a so-called representative government that plods along year after year, forcing taxpayers to go to work every day to underwrite the darkest of human activities. The fact basic morality sounds radical to the Washington cocktail crowd is what the Founders would have found truly radical.”

    The Vow site asks, “Q: How can we tell Capitol Hill heroes from frauds? A: If they Vow against U.S. NATIONAL DEBT – financed SUBSIDIES for anti-Semitism, abortion, mandatory killing and homosexuality. THE TRUTH: Most Capitol Hill Republicans and Democrats shamefully cooperate to DEBT-FINANCE and SUBSIDIZE these evils by means of IRS receipts plus U.S. borrowing at about $16,000 per second.

    “Would Congress subsidize Auschwitz?  Would President Obama subsidize lynchings? Well, then why are most Congressional Republicans and Democrats borrowing from China to kill American babies?
    Why are Democrats, aided and abetted by Hill Republicans, killing young women like Jennifer Morbelli? Why are they all subsidizing anti-Semitism, jihad and Jew-hate in the West Bank and Gaza? 

    Why are Republicans still funding IRS enforcement of conscience-violating and coercive “Obamacare” abortion pills and devices mandated on faithful businesses, on ministries like Dr. Dobson’s and upon Judeo-Christian institutions like the University Notre Dame, Liberty University, Yeshiva University and Wheaton College, to kill the unborn children of employees? Why has the Roman Catholic, Evangelical and Jewish leadership of the U.S. House been so wimpy? Why are they still debt-financing the butchers at Planned Parenthood?

    “And why, for God’s sake, are House and Senate Republicans (with Dems) engaged in National Debt-financing of same-sex wedlock – the federal subsidization, imposition and enforcement of homosexual “marriage” by Obama and his judges against the 10th Amendment, the frightened Governors, the constitutions and the People of the USA’s ‘Straight State’ Majority?” 

    During October, the former two-term Arkansas governor said that “the sanctity of life” and Natural Marriage are “non-negotiable issues of principle” for Republicans. “If the GOP ‘leaders’ capitulate on these issues … they will lose voters like me,” he told Newsmax. “When the GOP puts up a candidate that’s moderate on those issues we lose; when we put up a candidate with clarity on those issues, we win.”

    Gov. Huckabee, the 2016 Presidential frontrunner, said that the Republican Establishment’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s LGBT activism has essentially been, “‘Well, that’s settled.’ Of course, it isn’t. The courts can’t make law. Even if one agrees with their ruling, the legislative branch has to pass enabling legislation, and it has to be signed by the chief executive and carried out. One branch of the three equal branches doesn’t get to override the two other branches. Civics 101,” Huckabee said.

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