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    Enjoy the Q&A Daily Surge conducted with Miriam Weaver and Amy Jo Clark, authors of the brand-new book Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, And a Crapload of Common Sense. Weaver and Clark, also known as “Mockarena” and “Daisy,” run the fun website Chicks on the Right.

    What motivated you to write Right for a Reason?

    MW:  Coupla things:  First, the fact that every baby born today is already indebted to the government to the tune of $56,000, which compels me to a) want to throat punch every person in the Obama administration and b) appeal to the common sense of Americans out there to use their brains and stop believing liberal nonsense.  Second, it seemed like the next logical step of the Chicks on the Right journey after writing our website for almost 6 years and transitioning from regular corporate girls to radio people!

    AJ:  We have always wanted to write a book to reach a wider audience, but we’ve never had a desire to self-publish. So when we were approached by a literary agent back in 2012, we were downright giddy to have the opportunity.  Our goal has always been to reach as many folks as we can with our message, and to give conservatism that much-needed makeover that we do every day out on our website, in our local Indy Star column, and now on our radio show during drive time in Indianapolis.

    What’s the biggest lie in the whole War on Women accusation flung at Republicans?

    MW:  There are so many!  As we say in our book, the War on Women is crap. Liberals have reduced women to victimized ladyparts, and unfortunately not much more than that.  Conservatives are much more interested in creating better economic opportunities for EVERYONE (and that includes women, of course), improving our schools, and preserving American exceptionalism than we are in providing contraception coverage to 60-year-old men under Obamacare.  The biggest war on women I’ve seen is the Obama campaign’s use of that Julia character in the 2012 campaign.  What a complete insult that was to women!  It basically said, “You want to make it in America?  RELY ON GOVERNMENT FOR EVERYTHING.”  And liberals lapped it up like ice cream.

    AJ:  There IS no War on Women. Period.  It’s a manufactured public relations stunt – albeit a brilliant one, because it’s worked on the low-fos (the low-information voters).  But it was completely made up, nonetheless.  Republicans don’t want to take women’s birth control away.  They don’t care about women’s ladyparts.  We have more important things to discuss and concern ourselves with.  In fact, Republicans are so sick and tired of talking about women’s ladyparts.  We’re exhausted by ladypart chatter.  Can we talk about the economy already?  Or national security?  Or about the fact that our kids’ tuition costs are out of control?  Enough with the freaking ladyparts, for crying out loud.  There’s this place called Wal-Mart.  Empowered women buy their own $9 birth control there.    


    There’s a lot of talk about how the GOP is having trouble getting female support during elections. What do you propose to remedy the problem?

    MW: Refocusing the messaging.  The GOP sucks at messaging, and is always on defense.  When they get sucked into responding to social issues, they suck even harder.  The GOP has a great story to tell with women, actually.  There are 4 Republican female governors right now, compared to one Democrat. We need to be featuring and spotlighting our success stories, and effectively demonstrating how conservative policies benefit everyone.  We’ve gone into great length about these things on our website. The GOP could also consider picking up the phone and giving us a call, but Reince Priebus has so far given us the cold shoulder.

    AJ:  They need to call us.  Seriously.  We’ve been working for them for almost six years now, and frankly, the GOP has a problem with outreach…with getting outside their little bubble in Washington.  There are normal people with everyday problems out here – and not all of us are just stuffy white dudes.  In fact, most of us aren’t stuffy white dudes.  And we are pissed off, motivated for change, and ready to make a difference.  A lot of us are in the trenches every day, working for the party, and we’d appreciate being recognized for our involvement instead of treated as if we don’t exist.  The GOP could take a lesson from Democrats and learn to embrace normal people, celebrities, pop culture, social media, and involve every day citizens in its quest to remedy its problems.   It’ll never get the support of women without having real women in the trenches with them.  Involve real people in its advertising, activism, campaigning efforts.  And do that by ASKING REAL PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT and WHAT THEY NEED.  That’s a good start.  

    Any favorite candidates heading into 2016?

    MW:  I’m still grieving that Mitch Daniels didn’t run in 2012.  Honestly, I’m not overly excited about anyone yet. But I might get a Chris Matthews leg tingle if Scott Walker throws his hat into the ring.

    AJ:  I like the new names…the fresh meat..the new blood.  What I don’t like is the recycled candidate, the legacies, and the same ol’, same ol’, because people are ready for new, fresh, and exciting. We need candidates that we can get FIRED UP about.  That’s who I’ll deem as a “favorite”….someone who is also excited about our country and ready to shake things up on our side of the aisle.  Someone who understands what conservatives are hungry for right now.

    Who’s your least favorite candidate?

    MW:  I really don’t want to see a bunch of the same people on the primary debate stage next year.  I also really don’t want to see another Clinton/Bush match-up.  Beyond that, I don’t have a least favorite.  I just wish I weren’t feeling so “meh” about everyone.

    AJ: See the previous question.

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Elizabeth Warren’s name?

    MW:  Insufferable hosebeast.  Is that bad?

    AJ: Another lying liberal chick who whines a lot. 

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