• Rioters Torch Ferguson After Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Darren Wilson

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    A 12-person grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing 18-year-old Michael Brown.

    After months of deliberation, St Louis City Prosecutor McCulloch explained tonight in great detail how the decision to not indict officer Wilson was reached.

    McCulloch said the grand jury met on 25 days, heard 70 hours of testimony, and heard from at least three medical examiners during their deliberations.

    The charges facing Officer Wilson stretched from first-degree murder to involuntary manslaughter.

    The grand jury, which included nine white people and three black people, decided that there was insufficient evidence to bring forth an indictment against Officer Wilson. Officials announced Monday that officer Wilson’s use of force was justifiable.

    “They poured their hearts and souls into this,” McCulloch said of the grand jurors.

    McCulloch also made it a point to excoriate the media for stoking the flames and attributing to the unrest in the aftermath of the August 9th shooting.

    Officer Wilson had claimed that his decision to shoot Michael Brown was in self-defense, and several eye witness accounts seemed to corroborate those claims. McCulloch noted that Wilson approached Brown to begin with because Wilson noticed that Brown fit the description of a suspect (red baseball cap, yellow socks, and a box of cigars) who allegedly just robbed a convenience store. Security footage showed that Brown, indeed, was the perp.

    McCulloch also said that several witnesses pointed to Michael Brown as the aggressor. There were a total of 12 shots fired, two of them from inside of officer Wilson’s police car.

    In the days leading up to tonight’s grand jury decision, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard. Attorney General Eric Holder visited with protesters and compared Michael Brown’s death to Emmett Till’s.

    Moments after the grand jury decision was announced, violent riots erupted in the streets of Ferguson outside of the courthouse.

    As President Obama gave a statement and answered questions about the grand jury decision, a split screen showed violent protesters rioting in the streets.

    And this use to be Little Caesars:

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