• Grand Jury Docs: Ferguson Eyewitness Admits She Doesn’t Like Cops, But That Darren Wilson’s Actions Were Justified

    "I probably would have shot him instantly you charge at me like that"

    The same female eyewitness who told the Ferguson grand jury that she saw Michael Brown “charging toward” Officer Wilson like a “football” player (Page 54), underscored that she’s no fan of the police, but that “the officer was in the right.”

    This is really important.  I’m not, you know, really big on talking to the police or defending police or anything like that. I’m just being real honest with you. I feel like the officer was in the right, that is a lot of saying. Because other than that, I ain’t got nothing to do with them.

    (Page 93)

    Identified as Witness Number 48, she was also asked during the grand jury proceedings if the altercation “could have ended up any other way?”

    Her response: “Yeah, it could of, if he [Brown] had of just stopped running, yeah, it could have ended a different way.”

    She was then queried if the “officer had no other choice?”

    “He could of had another choice,” she answered, “but it could have ended in him [Wilson] being physically hurt.”

    According to testimony, Witness Number 48 viewed the shooting while riding in a minivan with her family. Her account of what took place closely resembles Darren Wilson’s, telling the grand jury that he was backpedaling and yelling “Stop” as Michael Brown was rushing toward him violently before the fatal shots were fired.

    “When did the police officer start shooting at him [Brown] after the first two shots in the car?” she was asked. (Page 31)

    Answer: “Um, it took him a minute to  fire at him for real. I probably would have shot him instantly you charge at me like that, but when he [Wilson] was running back he was screaming stop, stop.”

    One of the biggest lies told early on was that Michael Brown pleaded with Officer Wilson, “I don’t have a gun, stop shooting.” But according to Witness Number 48, the only person shouting “stop” was Darren Wilson and it was because a 6’5″, 289-lb Michael Brown was violently barreling toward him.

    From page 70 of Grand Jury Volume 18:

    Q: And you also said the officer said stop, stop, stop?

    A: Right.

    Q: Do you recall if the windows were open or closed that day?

    A: They were opened.

    Q: So you’re saying you could hear him and when you said it for the grand jurors you kind of just spoke it, stop, stop, stop, is that how he said it?

    A: No, he [Wilson] was yelling.

    Q: You could hear it as he was yelling?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Did you hear anybody else yell or anybody else say anything?

    A: No.

    Q: Didn’t ever hear Mike Brown say don’t shoot?

    A: No.

    Q: Or nothing like that?

    A: No.

    Later (page 86) the assistant prosecuting attorneys asked the witness to describe Michael Brown’s actions after Officer Wilson opened fire at the ‘Gentle Giant’ for furiously rushing toward him:

    A: He kept running.

    Q: He kept running toward the officer?

    A: He kept trying to charge him.

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