• The Iranian Nuclear Talks Are Like An Over Done Turkey, Dry And Brittle

    The Iranian nuclear talks saw their deadline of Monday the 24th of November came and went without a settlement. They failed because Iran agreed to nothing, so the 5+1 nations have extended the deadline an additional seven months in hopes to come to a settlement. Iran, by forcing the next round of talks out seven months leaves President Obama, with just 14 months to the end of his Presidency. I believe that the leadership of Iran and other nations looked at the November election results and they think they will have a much stronger hand against the President by waiting out the negotiators. The Iranians they see Obama as a lame duck with rapidly decreasing power and influence. They are in no hurry to reach a settlement everyday postponed get them closer to a weapon.

    On the other hand, President Obama has not had a significant foreign policy success in his Presidency. Should a nuclear accord in the Middle East be reached it would help his legacy. Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel, has to be asking himself a very serious question, “Who is representing my countries interest at the bargaining table? The longer the 5+1 wait to reach an accord the more Israel security is in jeopardy because Iran will be closer and closer to having a bomb.” Israel may well strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities to protect its own interest, regardless of the outcome of the talks. My guess is that Netanyahu feels like he has very little support from the American government and he may well have to go it alone.

    Netanyahu has warned the West on many occasions, that Hassan Rouhani, “Can not be trusted, “He lies.” It appears that all the concessions are on the part of the West and Rouhani is not willing to concede any points. In the last sessions, in Geneva, he came out and reported that the Iranian nation defeated the west, “We gave away nothing.” No matter what the West says they need in concessions Rouhani Affirms, “We are not building weapons, my nation just wants to have energy security through nuclear power.”

    Iran wants to be the dominant force in the Middle East and nuclear arms will give them that control. If they are forced to give up their nuclear capabilities, they will become a lesser nation. ISIL, has its eye on Iran and their nuclear capabilities. The terrorists desperately want nuclear weapons, not only to attack the United States, but to expand their span of control throughout the world. If Iran holds off the West and builds its weapons, then look for ISIL, if they are still around, to set their sites on Iran.

    One last question that seems obvious to me. “Have the wrong people been at the table? Sharia law has an Old Testament flavor, but is the law of the land in at least 12 nations. Laws that we would think archaic providing, for example, public lashings for certain offenses, and death by stoning for women convicted of adultery are real today. The leadership of Iran has very strong opinions about the role of women. John Kerry is the first male Secretary of State in almost 14 years. Catherine Ashton from Briton and the EU has worked in the process. I’m not saying that all the high-ranking women are not gifted, but the reality is that the other side of the table may find it difficult to deal with women as equals. I have said on many occasions that if we want to defeat the terrorists, we have to understand what drives them to believe what they believe. No matter how sexists you may think they are, if a different team could increase the chances of success, I say put them in and give them a shot. We have staff trying to work the deal right up to the end, and they couldn’t get the job done. When Nixon wanted peace with North Vietnam he sent Kissinger to Paris and he was told to stay there until he has a deal. I think its time, if Obama is serious about a fair and equitable deal with Iran, then he needs to take out a long-term lease on a suite at the Four Seasons George the 4th hotel in Paris, for John Kerry. My guess is that Benjamin Netanyahu will pick up the hotel tab.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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