• “We Lose Jobs. It Costs Us”: Small Business Owner Blast Obama’s Immigration Amnesty

    Last week Obama signed an executive order that sidesteps Congress and allows him to unilaterally grant temporary citizenship and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants. At a victory lap rally in Las Vegas the next day, Obama was heckled by an immigration activists who doesn’t think the president went far enough.

    After years of making the case against a president using executive orders to grant amnesty and change immigration law, President Amnesty told the heckler that he “just took an action to change the law.

    Now, business owners in border states are coming out against Obama’s unlawful amnesty.

    “We lose jobs,” Curtis Baxter, a Phoenix businessman told CBS News. “It costs us. I know people who have gone out of business because of it.”

    Baxter owns a home construction company. He hires legal immigrant and says illegal immigration hurts his business by making it nearly impossible to compete in terms of job contract bidding.

    “I know people who have gone out of business because of it,” Baxter says.

    He also doesn’t think that Obama’s plan to beef up border security are enough to stop the flow of aliens coming in or addresses the millions of illegal immigrants already living in America.

    “I think before you figure out what you can do with who’s here, you definitely have to stop the flow of the people who are still coming in.”

    What’s more, we are now learning from the Obama White House that the Illegal immigrants who are about to apply for work permits under Obama’s new executive actions will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare and other federal benefits–on top of being protected from deportations.

    ObamaCare also allows businesses to dodge a penalty for not providing illegal immigrants health care, The Washington Times reports. So businesses are now being incentivized by the tune of $3,000-per-employee to hire illegal immigrants over native-born workers, thanks to Obama’s amnesty plan.

    According to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 53 percent oppose Obama’s plan to shield as many as five million illegal immigrants from deportation and the extension of legal work permits. Just 34 percent favor Obama’s amnesty plan.

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