• Soldiers Disciplined For Risque Film Of Bikini-Clad Women Using High-Powered Army Equipment

    Four soldiers in Utah are undergoing serious discipline after allowing scantily-clad women to ride military-owned equipment and fire weapons, while being filmed by a UK company to promote a pinup calendar, Military.com reports.

    The video was designed and filmed by a UK company to promote an annual pinup calendar and was shot earlier in May at Camp Williams with the approval of a Special Forces non-commissioned officer, who is now facing mandatory early retirement and the loss of his leadership position for allowing three subordinates to go ahead with the film. The female models involved wore bikinis and tight clothes while shooting high-powered guns and riding in tanks. No names were released after the investigation concluded.

    The final investigation wrapped up on Friday, and only a day later, the Utah Guard issued a statement on Saturday, quick to condemn the actions of the soldiers and the unauthorized use of state and federal funds.

    “This was certainly a mistake, but one action among multiple years of service for these individuals,” Guard Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said. “We are dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have served their country in time of war.”

    Only five vehicles and one boat were used in the making of the film. The weapons and ammunition were not owned by the military, but rather were supplied by individual soldiers.

    In an effort to distance itself from the scandal, the Utah Guard reminded the public that the film was an isolated incident. The troops involved will have to recoup the costs of the fuel used, which amounts to $200.

    “However, this error in judgment of these few soldiers does not diminish the commitment and resolve of the Utah Guard and its more than 7,000 members to serve the citizens of Utah and our nation,” the statement read.

    Others participated in the film, as well. Two Utah state SWAT team members face discipline for appearing onscreen and in uniform.

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