• Trayvon Martin’s Mother: Officer Darren Wilson “Committed Murder”

    Despite grand jury testimony from an eyewitness that said she saw Michael Brown “charging toward” Officer Wilson like a “football” player (Page 54), Trayvon Martin’s mother called officer Wilson a murderer for killing Michael Brown.

    “When you hear Darren Wilson say . . . he does have a clear conscience, do you think that his story is possible, that he truly believes that he did everything he could have done?” asked CNN’s Erin Burnett.

    “Well you have to remember that it was a murder that was committed here,” Sybrina Fulton responded. “He going to say whatever he needs to say to get out of this situation. He’s going to say that he felt threaten . . . by Michael Brown.”

    “The unfortunate thing is that nobody knows what happened, but the officer and Michael Brown,” Fulton added.

    However, as I pointed out above, there is eyewitness testimony that tells us exactly what happen in the moments before officer Wilson shot Michael Brown. In fact, that same eyewitness, as Surge noted, went out of her way to tell the grand jury that she doesn’t like defending cops, but that “the officer was in the right.” Out of the thousands of pages of testimony released, there are numerous eyewitness accounts as well as forensic evidence that support Wilson’s version of events.

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