• Destroying The Narrative: 10 Reasons Why ‘Black Lives Matter’ ALREADY

    Myth Busting

    This list is far from exhaustive. You might even disagree with one or two of them, but even if you do, there should still be enough to convince you that “Black Lives Matter Already.”

    I felt compelled to make this list since so many people seem convinced that holding a sign saying “Black Lives Matter” is necessary AND a statement of “change” rather than a statement of what is already fact. Inherent in that sign is the assumption that there is a group of individuals of some consequence and power who believe and govern as though “black lives don’t matter.”

    That message cultivates a false impression to black youth, and is a cruel assumption about the overwhelming majority of Americans at this point. I understand historic fears, but just as you don’t want to forget the past, you don’t want to be trapped by it either.

    While I thought proof that “Black Lives Matter” was self-evident and all around us, continued protests suggest otherwise.

    I put together this quick list of ten proofs that Black Lives Matter Already to help dispel the false impression given by many protests.

    10. The top personal security this nation has to offer (such as it is) currently protects our First Family who happen to be black.

    9. The level of resources involved in investigating recent high-profile deaths of black men proves it.

    8. George W. Bush devoted enormous resources to stopping AIDS in Africa and saved many black lives in the process.

    7. If Mike Brown were white there would be no media coverage nor would political authorities feel so obliged to be as exhaustively sure that justice is served.

    6. After “Katrina,” the nation may have cast blame in different places, but everyone was concerned about the safety of those stuck in New Orleans.

    5. Whether it’s the Romneys or one of the many families I see at area churches, orphaned black children are adopted and loved as children like any other by numerous white families AND those children are adopted by their congregations with equal joy.

    4. When the families of the victims of the 9-11 attacks were given compensation by the government, no distinction was made between a life of one shade of skin color over another.

    3. Tavis Smiley said on Bill O’Reilly’s show that despite three times as many whites getting shot by police than blacks and despite the fact that there are 43 million black Americans and only 123 are shot dead by police (.000308%), Smiley said that it is “open season” on young black males. In order for Smiley to be correct, White cops (actually police of all colors) would have to be the worst hunters and worst shots in the history of mankind OR are refusing to participate. Overwhelming evidence is that Smiley is wrong and black lives matter.

    2. The Pro-Life movement is focused on saving black lives. Black women account for a disproportionate share of abortions (and Planned Parenthood puts their clinics in minority neighborhoods) so pro-life outreach seeks to help these women in need.

    BONUS: When black children were recently holding signs reading “our lives matter” and “free hugs” and a white police officer hugged the young boy with the sign as the child burst into tears, the nation (citizens of all colors) overwhelmingly responded with empathy for the child.


    1. God said so, and so does our Declaration of Independence, “All Men are created equal.” When Dr. King called on America to cash this promissory note, he was calling on us to honor our founding principles and our God. Some black Americans are understandably suspicious that white America doesn’t seek to honor that check, and some devote their political talents to nurturing that suspicion, but for the vast majority of Americans, the money is in the bank, available anytime.

    Article courtesy of David Boze’s Facebook page

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    David Boze

    David Boze is a radio host on Seattle's "The Truth" on 770 KTTH.

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