• ALLEGIANCES: Will Professional Athletes Wear NYPD T-Shirts Now?

    Or is that kind of solidarity only reserved for career criminals (Eric Garner) and violent youth (Michael Brown) who flagrantly break the law and resist arrest to top it off?

    Recall how five players on the St. Louis Rams about a month ago ran onto the field like dummies with their hands in the air to protest Officer Darren Wilson’s non-indictment.

    Raiders Rams Football

    And how LeBron James and other NBA players were donning “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts before games to support the family of Eric Garner and denounce what they allege is widespread police brutality.

    LeBron James

    Well, how about these same star athletes wear NYPD insignia during pre-game warmups as a show of respect to the police officers who were slain in yesterday’s Brooklyn ambush?


    Rep. Peter King of NY says absolutely they should:

    To honor the memory of the two NYPD officers who were assassinated yesterday and to demonstrate solidarity with the brave men and women of law enforcement, I urge college and professional basketball, football and hockey teams to wear NYPD insignia on their uniforms. This would bring honor and dignity to the NCAA, the NBA, the NFL and the NHL.

    King reiterated those remarks in a Fox News appearance this morning, which is a must watch for anyone seeking an articulate and succinct commentary that destroys the media myths about Eric Garner and Michael Brown:


    Update: Nick Mangold of the New York Jets wore an NYPD cap today before the team played the Patriots.


    Good for him! Let’s see who follows suit…


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