• Watch Police Shoot Man Who Stabbed Student At New York Synagogue After Yelling “I Want To Kill The Jew”

    It’s being reported that Calvin Peters, 51, stabbed 22-year-old student Levi Rosenviat in the neck Tuesday. Peters bum-rushed into a Brooklyn synagogue waving a knife in the air and yelling “I want to kill the Jew!” The New York Daily News reported.

    Levi Rosenviat had been worshipping and praying at the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters just minutes before he was attacked.

    The profanity-laced video above was posted by an Israeli website 0404, and shows the deadly exchange between New York City’s anti-terror unit and Peters.

    You can see the NYPD officers showing tremendous restraint as the man waves his knife around and refuses arrest. The cops repeatedly demand that Peters place the knife on the ground. Peters put the knife down, picked it back up, and rushed toward the police officers. They shot him.

    Peters was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he later died. Rosenviat, who was stabbed, was taken to the same hospital and is reportedly in stable condition and recovering from surgery.

    With recent incidents involving attacks on police officers and civilians from New York to Canada, tensions are high and suspicions are leaning toward an Islamist motive behind this knife attack. New York City law enforcement is already dealing with the extra spotlight glaring on them in the wake of Eric Garner’s death. But with all the warnings to drop the knife, it looks like the police got this one right.

    Other reports suggest a mental illness component.

    The New York Post called Peters “a disturbed man” with his “I want to kill a Jew” rants. Peters, according to police sources, had asked for a Bible before stabbing the Israeli man.

    Jerome Hudson

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