• Chris Rock: Don’t Worry, Guys! My New Movie is Totally ‘Korean-Friendly’

    Remember when comedian Chris Rock built a career on NOT being politically correct? Yeah, those days appear to be over.

    During a press junket for his new movie, “Top Five,” the actor went out of his way to proclaim that the film is “Korean-friendly.”

    If you’re Korean, go out and see ‘Top Five.’ You will enjoy it,” Rock insisted. He also said that the controversy over The Interview and North Korea caused him to think twice about taking his daughter to see the Annie reboot in theaters.

    Of course, the comedian’s remarks can be taken in more than one way. He’s either scared of North Korea…or desperate for a hit movie after he’s had so many flops. Or perhaps it’s a combination of both. Glancing at his recent filmography, it becomes evident that nearly all of Rock’s successful movies over the past few years have been animated ones. “Top Five” is the first live action film that he’s had a starring role in in quite a while, and he directed it as well. So hey, if he has to cower before Kim Jong-Un in order to sell some tickets, he’s not beneath it.

    BONUS – Just for fun, we’ll use this as an excuse to remind you of the time Daily Surge’s own Jason Mattera ambushed the Pootie Tang star:

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