• CNN’s Toobin Tries Desperately to Separate Cop Killer From Protesters

    The man who killed two NYPD police officers this weekend had “nothing to do” with the Eric Garner/Michael Brown protests, according to Jeffrey Toobin…despite the fact that footage of himself AT those protests was found on his cell-phone.

    The only murderer in this is a lunatic who had nothing to do with the protesters,” insisted Toobin. “He is an evil, deranged man, and to associate him with the protesters is really to demean a reasonable cause.”

    Oh, really? Is that so, Jeffrey?

    Check out this bit of footage from yesterday’s NYPD press conference:

    That’s Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, describing what was found on the killer’s cell-phone. “He talks about Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin,” Bratton explained. “We have recovered his cell-phone from Baltimore and there is over several thousand images on it … one of the cell-phone images we have is a video of Union Square Park where he is a spectator, watching one of the protests. We date that at around December 1st.”

    Of course, Jeffrey Toobin isn’t having any of that. The so-called legal analyst also took some time over at CNN to blast anyone trying to denigrate New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for being anti-police. “The kind of language they’re using, saying the blood is on the hands of Mayor de Blasio is ridiculous,” Toobin lamented. “There is nothing that Mayor de Blasio said that inspired this evil man … to kill these two brave police officers.”

    Check out Toobin’s CYA for the mayor as well as the protesters in the clip above.

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