• CONTEMPT: NYPD Officer Pens Op-Ed Ripping De Blasio Apart

    The Boys in Blue continue to denounce New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly for siding with racial agitators over the police and helping to create the anti-cop climate that has engulfed Gotham this last month.

    The latest salvo came from Officer Gerard G. Collins, an active member of the the police force serving in Midtown Manhattan, who took to the pages of the New York Post to slam hizzoner for doing “nothing” to stem the assault on the NYPD.

    When you allow protesters a wide berth to exercise their First Amendment rights in the form of blocking traffic and suffocating our city’s bridges, this will naturally graduate to minor destruction of property. When that form of uncivil disobedience goes unanswered, the natural progression continues to the destruction of police property and assaults on police officers in the form of spit or synthetic blood.

    When those methods are further unchecked, a policy of acquiescence coming straight from City Hall, the natural progression continues. It comes in the form of the gang assault of two NYPD Legal Bureau lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge, ironically assigned to oversee the fair application of the law during the protests.

    A proverbial window was broken, Your Honor. You did nothing. A few real windows were broken. You did nothing. A police car’s windshield was broken. You did nothing. An NYPD lieutenant’s nose was broken. You did nothing. On Saturday, two policemen’s families lives weren’t just broken. They were shattered.

    Continue reading the rest of the op-ed here.

    Garrison’s public denunciation of de Blasio comes as NYPD officers literally turned their backs on the mayor when he walked by them at the hospital where Officers Ramos and Liu were declared dead after being ambushed on Saturday.


    Even before Saturday’s deadly attack, the NYPD union was circulating a letter asking their members to bar de Blasio from attending their funerals if they are killed in the line of duty.


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