• Family Sues DOD For Cover-Up After Alleged Afghan Sex Slave Kills Marine

    A New York family has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense for covering up their son’s death after a sex slave brought on base by an Afghan police chief killed the former Marine, Fox News reports.

    In 2012, Lance Cpl. Greg Buckley, Jr. was shot and killed with an AK-47 in the gym of the Helmand Province military base by a 17-year-old sex slave, who served as a personal assistant to a local Afghan police chief. The teenager, Aynoddin, had constant access to weapons on the base and also killed two other marines during the attack. He was never vetted. After the attack, he bragged about doing Jihad.

    Just before Buckley was killed, he told his family about the anxiety he was experiencing as a result of keeping Afghans close on base, even wondering if he would make it out alive.

    “He says we have a bad feeling that we are not going to be able to ever get home. I think these people here are going to turn on us. He says they’re just not right,” Buckley’s father said.

    According to Buckley’s father, supervisors repeatedly refused to address information that Sarwar Jan, an Afghan police chief stationed on base, was selling drugs and weapons to the Taliban. The suit filed also alleges that the military cracked down on Jason Brezler, the whistleblower who brought forward claims pointing to Jan’s questionable background.

    The most heinous allegation, however, is the accusation that Jan delivered “tea boys” or sex slaves to the base, as well, and that Aynoddin was one of these tea boys used to service Jan.

    The reason the family is now filing suit is that although they’re entitled to receive investigative reports, the Marine Corps has apparently been blocking them. Autopsy reports have also been withheld. But the family doesn’t even want financial damages—just the truth about the attack after two long years since it happened.

    “They, like any Gold Star families, are entitled to all relevant information and reports about the death of their son. They don’t need to beg. They don’t need to ask pretty please and they certainly shouldn’t have to bring a lawsuit,” attorney Michael Bowe told Fox News.

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