• Former Senator Mike Gravel Takes Over As CEO Of Marijuana Company

    Former Alaska Democratic Sen. Mike Gravel has just announced that he’s taking over as CEO of a brand-new marijuana company named Kush, according to a press release .

    ”It’s so controversial because there’s a lot of stupid people locked into stupid policies. There are a lot of people on drugs all the time: What’s the big deal of it?” the 84-year-old former Ssenator once said of the War on Drugs, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Gravel himself has used marijuana in the past for medicinal purposes.

    Based in Nevada, Kush is focused on producing cannabis products both for recreational and medicinal use. One of the products is called “Kubby,” which is a cannabis lozenge. However, the company intends to setup operations in Alaska. And the process won’t be instantaneous. Kush is looking to hire a local attorney to help the company navigate the complex regulatory process surrounding Alaska’s recent decision to legalize marijuana.

    “We don’t have to wait until the details of the law are in place,” Gravel told Alaska Dispatch News. “But we won’t be able do anything until the law is final in Alaska.”

    Kush is a subsidiary company owned by Cannabis Sativa, Inc., whose CEO is libertarian and former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson. Before accepting his new position as CEO of Kush, Sen. Gravel served on the board of Cannabis Sativa. But although he’s excited about his new role, Gravel doesn’t have any intentions of turning his back on politics.

    Gravel served in the Senate from 1969 to 1981, and during his tenure was best known for ending the military draft with a five-month filibuster. He also nominated himself for Vice President at the Democratic National Convention in 1972 and jumped in the race as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2008.

    “Senator Gravel stood up to Nixon, stood up to the Pentagon, and now he is standing up to those in power who would keep the healthful benefits of cannabis from those who need them,” said medical marijuana pioneer Steve Kubby.

    “He’s a true American hero.”

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