• Giuliani: Hollywood Now Has ‘Al Sharpton as the Jury and North Korea as the Censor’

    Between Al Sharpton and Kim Jong-Un, Tinseltown has a whole new frontier of headaches to tackle, according to the former mayor of Gotham.

    Yesterday, the Reverend Al proclaimed that he plans to lead a charge to break up the “all-white hierarchy” in Hollywood, which he said “resembles 1950’s America.” He claimed that the “jury” is still out on Amy Pascal, the head of Sony Pictures whose racist e-mails were leaked by North Korean hackers.

    This is absurd. This is like the witch hunt era,” said Rudy Giuliani of Sharpton’s shenanigans. “We’ll only get to see the movies that Al Sharpton and North Korea like!

    Check out Rudy’s take on Sharpie, hacking, and the double standard that the race hustlers have when it comes to rap lyrics, in the Fox and Friends clip above.

    Matt Fox

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