• ISIS Captures Jordanian Pilot Who Was Flying for U.S. Coalition


    Remember when it was revealed that ISIS had managed to obtain surface-to-air missiles? Well, it would appear that the terrorist organization MAY have just used one of them in a major way.

    From CNN:

    For the first time since a United States-led international coalition began airstrikes against the extremist group ISIS, a coalition pilot has been captured.
    The family of Jordanian Moaz al-Kasasbeh is pleading that the militants release him.

    Speaking with CNN Arabic, the pilot’s brother Jawad al-Kasasbeh asked that ISIS “be supportive of our brother Moaz and to be merciful on him, please send him back to us. He is just a soldier who is following orders and has no authority.”

    Moaz al-Kasasbeh is a “pious man who prays and fasts and he always flies with his Quran with him,” his brother said.

    In truth, this could have been any pilot, including one from the United States, if indeed the pilot’s plane was shot down via a shoulder-fired missile. The facts surrounding his capture are still unclear, though there will likely be more intelligence on that forthcoming. At this point in time, there isn’t any hard evidence to suggest that the aircraft was downed by the enemy, though it certainly comports with what we know about ISIS’ weapons.

    Watch CNN’s reporting on the incident above.

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