• ISIS Is Hiring!

    The Islamic State terror group put out a call for employment applications this week, as it continues to consolidate its power in Syria and Iraq.

    A new photograph circulating on Twitter shows a job posting from Raqqa Province’s Bureau of Zakat, or social welfare, dated Wednesday. In it, the bureau announces “a search for holders of the following academic qualifications” to continue ISIS’s work of distributing alms to the poor and providing social services, “in the Raqqa Province Zakat Bureau and its branch offices.”

    #Syria: #IS guidelines on qualifications needed to be eligible for employment in its newly established Zakat Dept. pic.twitter.com/U9lpwHIaAR

    — Charlie Winter (@charliewinter) December 5, 2014


    The Zakat Bureau’s plan for expansion evidently has room for applicants with diverse educational backgrounds, including “Bachelor’s in Islamic law,” “Bachelor’s in economics, including specialties in accounting, administration, computing, and information science,” “trade school for business” (equivalent to an Associate’s Degree), “high school with business specialty,” “high school general education,” and even “junior high.”

    Candidates are asked to submit their applications at City Hall “within a period no later than ten days from the date posted.” A phone number is also provided for additional inquiries. (RELATED: New Pancake Recipe From ISIS!)

    Raqqa, in eastern Syria, is a city of over 200,000 people, and as one of ISIS’ longest-held territories is considered its unofficial capital.

    A report issued this week by the Brookings Institution cites “[a]n ability to consistently acquire substantial revenue in order to efficiently fund effective governance and the provision of administrative and social services to civilians” as one of the group’s key strengths. Aside from aiding the poor, the Islamic State’s revenues fund free public transit, new schools, subsidized food and housing, medical clinics for children, and a consumer protection office which closes stores that sell shoddy goods.

    Of course, life are not so cheery for all citizens of the Islamic State. Local residents who are not Sunni Muslims, or who otherwise resist ISIS’ power, are killed in gruesome public executions, and the vast majority of Christians and other religious minorities living in ISIS-held territory have fled. (RELATED: These Three Charities Are Helping Christian Victims of ISIS)

    ISIS has continued to strengthen its economic presence in recent weeks. Besides collecting obligatory tithes from all Sunni Muslims in its territory to fund zakat activities, it funds its operations through the jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims, ransoms paid for hostages, extortion, theft, and its substantial petroleum holdings. The Brookings report estimates ISIS’ total net worth around $2 billion.

    The group also announced plans in November to begin minting its own currency, a dinar in various denominations of solid gold, silver, and copper. The new dinar aims to provide a financial foundation “based on the inherent value of the metals gold and silver” as an alternative to the “satanic usury-based global economic system.”

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