• Matthews: Are We Totally Sure That Sydney Thing Was Radical Islam?

    There are few things MSNBC fears more than Islamophobia itself. Case in point, the network’s poster child, Chris Matthews. The “Hardball” host is currently pondering whether Monday’s crisis in Sydney, Australia really had anything to do with radical Islam at all…despite everything we’ve learned about the now-deceased thug.

    I think this guy has a lot more, a lot different motives than religion driving him. And he finally found a way, anyway, to express himself in his end as he died,” insisted the tubby TV host. “This is a difficult time to live. There’s a lot of stress in our society. Marriages go bad. Jobs go bad. People’s lives turn upside down and for the worse. And they get mad, and they get a gun and they start doing stuff. How is this connected, really, with the Islamic, Islamist problem we’re facing in the world?

    Rather than refute point-by-point Lardball’s preposterous notion that Man Haron Monis was just an average citizen with average everyday stresses, we’ll just point you to this piece, published here at Daily Surge yesterday.

    Oh, and Happy 69th birthday to Chris Matthews! He’s totally not showing any signs of senility whatsoever.


    Matt Fox

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