• Piers Morgan’s Vote for TIME’s “Person of the Year”: Looters, Thugs, Criminals…

    Proving once again that CNN made the right decision in firing him, Piers the Pompous was a guest on NBC’s Today Show this morning.

    After waxing not-quite-philosophical for several minutes on the situation in Ferguson, Piers Morgan was asked by Matt Lauer about TIME Magazine’s upcoming “Person of the Year” award, to be unveiled soon for 2014. It has been reported that the short-list for the crown includes both Taylor Swift as well as the Ferguson protesters — which is patently absurd in itself — as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Apple’s Tim Cook. It sort of makes one wonder what exactly the criteria is here.

    At any rate, Piers unsurprisingly supported the thugs. “I would actually make it probably the Ferguson protesters,” declared the British blabbermouth. “If you ask me what has been the single biggest issue facing Americans right now in this country, it is the whole issue surrounding what happened there. And I think it has to be addressed by the black and white community of this country. Everyone’s got to come together and say we are simply better than this. So I would like to see them as the cover of TIME and the people of the year.”

    And there you have it. A redcoat has decided that those who riot, loot, and set fire to private and public property represent what’s best about America. It’s pretty ironic, actually…because if the goal here is indeed to give an award to morally bankrupt goons, it’s really Piers who should top the list.

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