• This “Price is Right” Contestant Was So Excited That He Didn’t Realize He Just Lost

    The Price is WRONG, Adam. Unfortunately, this contestant seemed completely unaware of that, as he placed a losing bid on Contestant’s Row…and then proceeded to head towards the stage!

    During a classic moment on this week’s The Price is Right, contestant Adam — or, as Gawker has dubbed him, “Excited Dumb Guy” — made for a real clusterbunk of a situation.

    First, Linda bid $500. That was followed by Melissa undercutting her with a $499 bid. But it was Adam, who clearly didn’t understand how the game works (or somehow didn’t remember that he had bid $550), who rushed the stage after the item’s value was revealed. It turns out that Linda had been spot-on with her $500 proclamation…but it was already too late.

    Behold the hilarity, as Drew Carey nearly kicks poor Adam off the stage…and his fellow contestants laugh at him.

    h/t Uproxx

    Matt Fox

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