• Report: De Blasio Excludes White Cops From Consideration For NYPD Security Detail

    When he’s not lecturing New Yorkers on how “centuries of racism” killed Eric Garner or when he’s not bragging about how President Obama’s illegal amnesty actions are a “gateway to something greater,” Bill de Blasio is apparently in search of a new member for his security detail.

    But there’s a catch.

    The police officer must be black. No white applications allowed.

    Quoth the New York Post:

    The head of Hizzoner’s protection unit — staffed by a racially diverse group — has been calling other commanders asking for recommendations, law enforcement sources said.

    “A boss on his security detail is looking to recruit a new sergeant but they have to be the right racial makeup. He is looking for a sergeant but the sergeant has to be black,” a source told The Post.

    “We all know where [the order is] coming from,” the source said, suggesting the security head was acting at the mayor’s behest.

    We won’t insult you by asking you to imagine the reaction if a Republican mayor of any city, let alone the Big Apple, rejected cops on the basis that they were black, but de Blasio’s demands are another important reminder that avowed progressives aren’t interested in, well, progress.

    Rejecting qualified police officers to an elite position solely because of their skin color is in the vein of the same Jim Crow-era segregation that this country fought so hard to overcome.

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