• Toilet Paper Bandit Outsmarted By Police

    A Pennsylvania man allegedly used a piece of toilet paper to rob a Uniontown pizza shop, but that scrap of TP turned out to be his undoing.

    Police say last weekend a man handed a note to the cashier that read, “I have a gun. Give me $300.” The cashier hit an emergency button that notified police, local WPXI News reports. Police arrived and arrested the man, who claimed he was forced to commit the robbery.

    But a piece of toilet paper told a different story.

    Police searched the man’s home and found a roll of toilet paper with indentations that exactly matched the writing on the torn-off scrap handed to the cashier. It appeared the man had scribbled on the sheet of toilet paper while it was still on the roll before tearing it off and heading to the pizza shop.

    If that wasn’t enough, the same pen used to write the note was right next to the roll.

    This isn’t the first time robbers have turned to TP for help with their heists. Police arrested a man in September in Grand Rapids for wrapping his head in toilet paper to rob a sports bar.

    A Nebraska man tried the same trick before robbing a convenience store. Police later arrested and sentenced the man.

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