• This Tweet By Bill Maher Perfectly Sums Up Sony’s Decision To Pull “The Interview”

    Today we learned that Sony Pictures decided to cancel the release of  “The Interview” because of anonymous terrorist threats made against moviegoers on Christmas Day, when the film was slated to debut. Sony executives reportedly pulled “The Interview” after many of the larger theater chains said they “would delay showing the picture or would drop it altogether” because of those threats, which referenced September 11, 2001.

    And now we’re learning that, as suspected, North Korea is linked to the cyber terrorism. (See video above.)

    There’s a lot that will be said in the aftermath of Sony’s decision, namely the U.S. Government’s failure to prevent a cyber attack on a major American corporation by a foreign enemy.

    But the capitulation by Sony and some theater chains, including AMC and Regal, to the demands of North Korea (!) was best summed up in a tweet by Bill Maher.

    Seems about right.

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