• Bernie Sanders Uses Typical DC Cliche To Describe Why Hillary Is A Loser

    Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders said he thinks Hillary Clinton will lose in 2016.

    “Based on her history, do I think she is going to be as bold as need to be in addressing the major crises that we face? Probably not,” Sanders told The Washington Post in an interview published Thursday. “I may be surprised.”

    He made it clear he’s not convinced she can take on income inequality, saying he hasn’t heard much from her on the topic, but declined to criticize any part of her record in specific.

    Progressives have been clamoring for far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to run against Clinton, perhaps pulling her to the left.

    Sanders is considering a 2016 run as either a Democrat or Independent, but said he doesn’t want to run unless he can do a good job and not undermine the issues he cares about, which center on income inequality.

    “Can you bring people out on the streets? Can you mobilize people? Can you tap the anger that’s out there?” Sanders told The Post regarding his potential run. “And the answer is, you know what, at this moment, I don’t exactly know that you can.”

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