• A Better 2015 Ahead? Have You Seen Who Still Sits In The White House?

    A recent AP/GFK poll showed that nearly half, 48%, of Americans surveyed expect a better year in 2015. There are a few reasons that explain why Americans are feeling slightly more upbeat than they have in the last six years. The reasons differ depending on political ideology or lack thereof. I’m fearful, however, that the assumptions that allow folks to expect an America on the upswing, are based on an old dynamic.

    In the past we have had two political parties interested in the betterment of the United States, only differing on methods. In the past we have had an opposition party ready to reign in the other party when it got too big for its britches. And in the past, we’ve had an occupier of the Oval Office who felt constrained by the rule law and the Constitution. Coming into 2015, we don’t have any of these things.

    If you’re of the liberal persuasion, you’re confident that year six of Resident Obama’s eight will finally be the year that, “hope and change,” comes to America. Many of us clear minded folks realize that, “change,” has already come to America and it’s been mostly bad, “change.” That, “change,” in turn has made, “hope,” elusive in Obama’s America. Liberals, who often decry prosperity of business , are now pointing to a skyrocketing stock market as a sign that liberalism works.

    The so-called champions of the middle class conveniently forget that wages for the working class in America have declined significantly in the era of Obama. Liberals also point to a third quarter in 2014 that showed America’s economy growing at a five percent rate. They say it’s proof positive that Obamanomics works. Let’s forget for the moment that it took Obamanomics six years to yield one good quarter. But I’m reminded that the same Obama policies gifted America a negative 2.9% growth rate in the first quarter of 2014. I didn’t hear these same liberal cheer leaders claiming that the first quarter was evidence of the failure of extremist liberal policies.

    It’s fair to point out that one quarter, though good, doesn’t negate all of the pathetic quarters that preceded it since Obama assumed office. One quarter does certainly not a recovery make. Given the nature of the Obama economy, fits and starts, there’s little reason for sane people to be enthusiastic about coming quarters so long as Obama is in charge. But the words, “liberal,” and, “sane,” rarely find their way into the same sentence. Thus, American liberals are very excited about 2015.

    For the conservative the reason for enthusiasm is based more in solid reasoning and fact, as is almost always the case when compared to liberals. The conservative sees the nation one step closer to being rid of the most extremist left-wing occupier of the People’s House this nation has ever seen. It’s been a long-term and a half for the American conservative.

    We’ve seen our revered founding document shredded, the rule of law thwarted and the institutions of government turned against the people. We’ve seen bold anti-American leftists openly declare a war on the U.S. dollar and at the same time open their wallets to fund the Democrat Party. A party, we assume, would be most willing to help with those dark designs. We’ve watched our government waste tax payer’s money. We’ve watched our government staffed with criminals. Extremist liberal groups have come out of the woodwork, emboldened by the chaos inspired by Obama and his party. So yes, the conservative is more optimistic about 2015. It brings us that much closer to the end of the national nightmare that has been the reign of Obama.

    America is reaping the rewards from Obama’s policies. On the home front we’ve been afflicted by extended high unemployment or under employment, lower paying jobs, high taxes and redistributionist polices. Abroad, the Obama light foot print/ lead-from-behind foreign policy has emboldened adversaries and discouraged allies. Vladimir Putin’s Russia openly carves up Ukraine. China manipulates currency with abandon. North Korea attacks business in America. Obama bails out the communist regime in Cuba. And the world has witnessed the formation of the first Jihadist army and state courtesy of a White House consumed with politics instead of the best interests of America and our allies.

    Americans, by and large, are done with Barack Obama. His polls rest near all-time lows. And in the last election the American people delivered another stinging rebuke to the extremists who now run the Democrat Party. With the GOP now voted in to control the co-equal legislative branch, many Republicans, Independents and even some Dems, are optimistic that Obama will finally be stopped from doing damage to America. They are wrong. That was the way America used to work, when we had men and women of good conscience in positions of power. Today, we have an occupier of the Oval Office who acts as if his power has no limits.

    There’s an opposition party, if it can be called that, that seems unwilling or unable to stop him from exceeding his executive authority as defined under the Constitution. Resident Obama will continue his relentless march toward achieving his extremist goals, unopposed. Or, he’ll push America toward a Constitutional crisis that will envelop our nation in yet another Obama-manufactured mess. Either way, Obama will succeed. Which is to say that America will fail. Still, many are under the illusion that Barack Obama is just like any other president. That’s why the politically disengaged are so optimistic.

    In the old constitutional America, we’d be justified in anticipating a better year in 2015. But this is Obama’s, “fundamentally transformed,” America. Liberals are firmly entrenched in a newly bloated government. They will not go without a fight. It’s highly unlikely that those hired by the American people to clean government’s house are up for that fight. With the lack of commitment from the GOP on this score, one might suspect they fancy keeping some of this new-found, yet unconstitutional, power for themselves at some future date.

    So long as Obama and his cronies remain, I fear brighter days will not come to America. They will always be in America’s future, a future without statists in charge. There is, however, a glimmer of hope. As a preview of coming attractions, Obama gave the nation a Christmas gift before departing on a luxurious vacation in Hawaii. He pledged to use his VETO authority to thwart GOP efforts to comply with the voter’s mandate to stop his agenda. Oddly, we citizens can be optimistic about something after all. Americans can take comfort in the fact that Obama would be using authority and power granted him under the Constitution, for a change. See, optimism springs eternal.

    Chris Salcedo

    “Chris Salcedo is the “Liberty Loving Latino” heard and seen on The Blaze Radio and TV Network. He has over 20 years of experience in news and political analysis. Chris is the author of "Liberty Rises" and serves as the executive director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.

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