• Brandeis Student Who Exposed Anti-Cop Tweets From Campus Radical Now Accused Of ‘Cyber Bullying’

    When Khadijah Lynch, a coed at Brandeis University, tweeted her lack of sympathy for the two NYPD officers shot to death by a crazed black gunman, students at the school had no visible reaction.

    Neither did the African and Afro-American Studies Department of which Lynch is an undergraduate representative.

    But the student body was anything but silent with regard to Daniel Mael, who publicized Lynch’s unfeeling and obscene comments.

    From Campus Reform:

    A member of the Student Conduct Board emailed the university’s president and senior administrators, accusing Mael of “stalking” and “targeting” Lynch, and demanded the university hold Mael “accountable.”

    Eric Owens at the Daily Caller reported that the email — written by senior Michael Piccione and titled “VERY IMPORTANT: Holding Daniel Mael accountable, and other threats to student safety!” — claimed that “Mael has exposed Khadijah to the largely white supremacist following of the website” for which he wrote. That website is the right-wing Truth Revolt.

    A Change.org petition was subsequently mounted that accused Mael of libel and cyber-bullying. The petition, which is designed interestingly with the black power salute, currently has 1,000 signatures.

    Read more at Liberty Unyielding… 

    Update: Khadijah Lynch stands by her grotesque tweets:

    She told the Boston Globe that “it was hard for me to conjure sympathy for those police officers” who were ambushed in Brooklyn, New York two weeks ago. She also added that her tweets were taken out of context.

    The original context, however, is that shortly after police officers Ramos and Liu were assassinated on December 20, 2014 by a perp who said he was exacting revenge for Eric Garner, Lynch tweeted out the following:

    “i have no sympathy for the nypd officers who were murdered today.”

    And the following day she added this loathsome remark:

    “i hate this racist [expletive] country.”


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